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Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society

Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society was established in the year 2000 with an objective to improve the lives of the poor, needy & destitute as well as physically or developmentally challenged children.

There are millions of poor and marginalized people across India and for them, the word “Sanjeevani” is popularly understood as “Remedy for hopelessness “. They have given this name to this organization because they aim to revitalize a particular hope, that a better life is possible, among the poor,marginalized, needy and especially differently-abled children and women; to provide them with joy and a chance at lasting happiness. At Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society they give a new vitalized sense of Jeevan (Life) to those who need it most.

The main aim of the society is to create opportunities for the poor and marginalized to join mainstream society. As per sources, there is about 2% – 3% disability prevalence in India. Sanjeevani opened schools to educate the poor and special children, helped them to learn the basic things and to improve their skills. Over time, their journey has taught to look beyond our initial focus and search new vistas within the society. Sanjeevani since then has not confined its activities to physically or mentally challenged communities but broadened our area of action. Today their programs include free education to destitute & tribal children, free corrective surgeries for children with physical or multiple deformities and empowerment of poor, deprived village women among others activities too.

Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society has traveled a long 19 years, serving the cause of rehabilitating needy Divyang children and believe that every child is special and should be treated as a gift from God.

Ashirwad Special Education School & Vocational Training Centre, RZ 51, Street No. 7, Nasirpur Road, Durgapark, New Delhi-110045


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