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DAVO - Disabilty Alliance of Voluntary Organisation

DAVO is an NGO trying to save humanity to serve for destitute and aged people of our country.

DAVO is an award-winning, registered Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), operating primarily in Delhi and NCR. It has over 25 years of experience in the issues affecting poor women, children ,Animal and adolescents from some of the most disadvantaged areas of India. DAVO was set up in 1985 by Dev Giri Goswami, in New Delhi. One man’s mission to treat children with malnutrition has, over the years, grown into a highly regarded, comprehensive development project supported by a wide range of organisations including the Government of India and Save the Children. By listening to the people it is trying to help and helping them to help themselves, DAVO has evolved over time and now tackles a range of the challenges facing India’s poorest families.

While considerable progress has been made in the years since DAVO was set up and government services are slowly improving, there is still much to do. One of DAVO’s most important roles today is that of facilitator. It empowers people by communicating their rights and entitlements to them and helps women and children make use of those services already provided by the government. DAVO also reaches out to every level of government from community leaders to policy makers to ensure that as much as possible is being done to help the poor, and to minimise the damage caused by ineffective governance

RZ-25 Main Sagarpur Gali Number-6 India,NewDelhi 110046


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