Please browse through these FAQs for all the general questions about Smileskart.
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It is a unique and the only platform which allows donors to donate at their convenience both monetary as well as products that are needed by NGOs.

The main criteria to be overviewed by the donors for trusting SMILESKART should be its transparency and trust-the two robust columns on which SMIEKART exclusively rely upon. As such the monetary payment made by you would directly reach the bank account of an NGO in addition to direct delivery of the products or a meal donation to them.

In case of the monetary payment, the payment will hit the bank of an NGO in 2 working days. In case of the product donation, they will be delivered with 5-7 working days of the orders placed. We are not working on the model of delivering the products which are obtained at the end of the campaign. For us we are working on a micro level where every penny or product donated is important for an NGO.

We believe that donation is donors wish and he/she can visit an NGO him/herself and see for self as to what is happening in a particular NGO. We have the addresses of the NGOs on our platform and we are transparent in all respects.In case a donor wishes to visit and NGO and donate, he/she is free to do so

We offer various quality and price options to a donor and it is up to the donor to choose which products they would like to donate.

In case of monetary donations made, donor would get an 80(G) certificate from an NGO while in case of product donations donor would not get an 80 G exemption.

Our platform is free for listing for any NGO unlike other platforms which charges more than 10-15% as commission. Smileskart is completely free for NGOs while we would charge a very small amount as Service Charge. The platform helps an NGO to get the donations or the products they need. This makes the donor rest assured that their donation has gone to the needy.


Smileskart aims to reach out to larger population who would like to donate for a good cause. Our platform is made to deliver customized Charitable solutions to cater to a donor needs, while demonstrating complete transparency and professionalism.