Our little organisation is committed to serving the underprivileged by helping the audience reach them with just a click of a button. This idea was fueled to provide ease and convenience that people require to spread joy ,love and hope in this busy and technology driven world..

We operate this venture in collaboration with several different NGOs and Non-Profits to create a platform for trouble-free donations over a large space of diversity in terms of services. Come join us in our quest to reach the underprivileged, connect them to generous donors, and put a smile on their faces!


Ritu Gupta is a homemaker from New Delhi, with a background in Home Science and ample experience of working with NGO's. The last few years have been introspective to start something novel for the betterment of the society with the involvement of technology and social media. Many a times she was asked about the right NGO's to donate to within friends and family - that was the very starting point for her to bring together a platform that caters the underprivileged in this fast world.

“Most of us donate funds to social organisations in our vicinity, simply for the convenience. If with the same ease, you were able to fill more empty stomachs, educate more children, wouldn’t that be great?”, says Ritu. Let Smileskart help you spread a smile.



Smileskart is a unique platform that connects social organisations / NGOs with donors across the country. Donations can be made in monetary terms, as well as in kind, vis. food-grains, oil / ghee, pulses, notebooks, bags, pencils, etc. Donations could also be for special occasions, like breakfast or lunch on a dear one’s birthday / anniversary, etc.

Some of the additional advantages we offer are…


No cash transactions are involved. All payments from donors are credited directly to the recipient NGO’s bank account. Similarly, all donations in kind are delivered directly to the beneficiary organisation.


Many times, it is not possible to be physically present at the premises of the chosen NGO while making the donation. Now you can donate from anywhere in the country – your home, office, car, and even while waiting for your flight at the airport.


You can donate whenever you feel the need to support a good cause. Simply choose one or more NGOs, identify a cause or occasion, and we shall ensure that your donation reaches the intended place, while you focus on other important matters.


This platform is completely free for social organisations that wish to be listed. We do, however, charge our donors a small service charge that helps in maintaining and upgrading this site.



Smileskart aims to reach out to larger population who would like to donate for a good cause. Our platform is made to deliver customized Charitable solutions to cater to a donor needs, while demonstrating complete transparency and professionalism.